The Darkness has withered emerald forests into ashy wastelands and twisted souls into horrific shadow forms. 


The Ajoiner Realm is dying.


General Warren Northwright vowed to save the realm from the Darkness or stand trial for his past, but he didn’t expect to fail. 


His armies have been decimated, and no matter how badly he wishes to have exchanged his life for the soldiers he’s lost he can’t. Without any support and the city’s barricade breaking he’s left believing there’s nothing he can do to right his mistakes or save the surviving citizens under care. Nothing but make one final stand. 


As he prepares for his final battle he learns this may not be the end. Upon a recently discovered ancient parchment penned by the dead god of the Ajoiner Realm is a spark of hope. The beacon. A construct rumored to be capable of purging the Darkness. 


In a desperate attempt to save the last Ajoiners, Warren and his surviving comrades strike deep into the territory of the Darkness. If he fails, he'll lose his tattered honor and condemn the land to ruin.

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