Art Work

Hand drawn art work by the author.


Originally the conept art for the cover this piece is now the image hook for Defenders of Radiance: The Ajoiner Realm series! 


Though its primary inhabitants are the human Ajoiners small sects of other races can still be found in its depths.


Join General Warren Nothwright and his team in Defenders of Radiance the Ajoiner Realm as they venture deep into Darkness territory to restore the Beacon.

Concept art for the wretched Drevics of the Darkness Realm

Screenshot (19).png

Warren's Emblem combines the image of a sword and a shield. Warren's skill as a warrior is shown in the blade and his determination to protect his realm in the shield. Only half the shield is shown representing the losses he's experienced as General. The rays represent the unfulfilled potential he has.

Screenshot (17).png

Emron's Emblem displays the mighty war hammer he wields in battle and the mysterious note from his past.

Screenshot (15).png

Cassidy's emblem bears a trio of arrows representing his top tier skill as an archer. The inverted crown is a symbol of his denounced royalty.

Screenshot (16).png

Vallerie's emblem is a combination of daggers and the alstroemeria flower. Her speed and skill with short weapons is displayed with the blades. While the alstroemeria flower is her favorite flower it is also known for its toxicity and caution is advised when handling it. Similarly Vallerie cannot be treated lightly for her beauty is matched by her danger.


Lillian's emblem includes a thick book and the tangled hand of the Darkness hinting at the curse she bears. The design on the cover bears none other than the flower she was named after. 


No one knows how the Kellnox came into existence. For many years it was assumed they appeared with only with the coming of night. The truth was only more recently it was discovered. Something is turning humans into theses twisted forms that seek only destruction of their human reletives.

The grey-skinned dwgoon is an oddity to be sure. It's love of shiny trinkets is matched only by its unbearable awkwardness. While preferring to stay hidden amung the trees they will leave their hiding place if something catches their eye. If spotted its natural response is to preform (what is believed to be) a shameful projection of being a bush.